These are the feelings that we experienced during the difficult medical adventure of our little boy Alex. Therefore, we created “Topolino – Tudor Alexandru Association”, a project that we put our heart and soul into, an organisation based on TRUST, WISH, FAITH and WILL.

The objective of the Association is to dedicate our initiatives to the most vulnerable human beings:

     Hospitalised newborn babies

     Neglected, abandoned or abused children.

The Topolino T.A. Association is a private law legal entity, non-profit, with a social and cultural character, independent and non-political, based on humanist and philanthropic values, which started its activity in 2017.

Topolino’s projects are dependent upon the support of its friends and/or partners considering the principle “One for All and All for One”. Therefore, we are encouraging both private individuals as well as companies to support The TA Association.

With a little help from everyone, WE WILL SUCCEED !