Redirect 20% of the profit tax of your company !

You can get involved and become our sponsor/partner, so that together we will be able to finalize the current projects and fulfill future plans. Does your company made profit and is paying taxes? In this case, you can sponsor us!

The amount redirected to Topolino – The Tudor- Alexandru Association is directly deducted from the taxes due to the State.

Which are the benefits of redirecting 20% of the profit tax?

  • Your company chooses to whom to direct 20% of the profit tax;
  • As a sponsor you have the possibility to check how the money was spent;
  • Redirecting 20% can represent a major support for our projects.

By redirecting 20% of the profit tax to TOPOLINO-TUDOR-ALEXANDRU ASSOCIATION you become partner of the Association.

Necessary documents:

  • LINK – Tax Guide – Redirecting 20% of the Profit Tax
  • LINK – Agreement for redirecting profit tax for 2016

Or you may contact us anytime under:

Phone: 0040 724.152.106 or E-mail:

The amounts offered by the companies are deducted directly from the profit tax, if the following 2 conditions are cumulatively met:

  • They are not exceeding 20% of the profit tax due;
  • They are within the limit of 0.5% of the company turnover.

INFO! The amounts spent with sponsorships over these limits may be registered in the accounting books as non-deductible expenses. The facilities regarding sponsorships are regulated by Art. 25, para. 4, letter i) of the new Romanian Fiscal Code.

Therefore, you can decide how to use a part of the money that go to the State after year-end.

Join us and support Topolino’s projects !