Redirect 2% from the income tax for Topolino – Tudor-Alexandru Association ! 

How much will you spend?

NOTHING! Because this amount represents a part of the State Budget cashed in from your income in the previous tax year (2018).

Fill in:

  • Form 230 (if you had in 2018 income from salaries or pensions) CLICK HERE -> Formular nou Topolino aferent 2018 cu plata in 2019
  • Form 220 (if you had in 2018 income also from other sources – from salaries or independent activities or from only independent activities).

Important to know:

These amounts do not represent a sponsorship or a private donation and it COSTS YOU NOTHING. In case you don’t take the initiative to fill in the form and to redirect 2%, the money remain as a “donation” to the State.

The addresses of the Romanian Tax Authorities may be found on the ANAF site.

If you would like to support more the projects of Topolino, you can collect the forms filled in by your family members, friends, co-workers, etc., and then let us know. We can collect them and submit them to the Tax Authorities.

With a little help from everyone, WE WILL SUCCEED !